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  • Changes are not automatically saved, the output file needs to be generated first and then replace the original one. Do not reload this page or all the changes will be lost.
  • To add a new collection select [New], enter its data and click on the update button. New collections will be placed at the end of the list.
  • To change a collection select it, alter its data and click on the update button
  • To remove a collection select it and click on the remove button. When removed its slot will be labeled as [Empty] and a new collection can be updated in the same place.
  • Collections cannot be re-ordered in the drop-down list. However they will be alphabetically ordered by collection name in the generated file.
  • Once all the changes have been done, click on the generate file button to create the resulting output file. Rename this file to data.js and upload it to the products folder on the server side.
  • Check the filenames of the items of each collection. Upload the pictures in JPEG format to the products/images folder on the server side. The original pictures (.jpg) must be 600x400 pix. and the thumbnails (_tn.jpg) 225x150 pix.
  • To refresh the thumbnails and pictures do not refresh the page, instead click on the update button.

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