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Measuring the stairs, a room, a landing or a hall

← Measuring the stairs
There is no need to measure the length of the stairs, simply follow the method below for a simple staircase:
  • Count the number of stairs.
  • Measure the tread and the riser (marked A on the diagram on the left).
  • Measure the stair width (normally between 76cm and 93cm).
  • Measuring a room →
    Rectangular rooms are easy. Simply measure the width and length of the room, always remembering to measure into doorways, alcoves and recesses.
    Sketch out a plan like the one on the right and simply fill in the dimensions.
    ← Measuring a landing
    Remember to measure over the top step and into doorways and recesses. Mark the position of your stairs with an X as shown in the example.
    Measuring a hall →
    The same as a standard room or landing only this time mark the stairs with an X and the front door with a D as shown in the example.

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